Dr. Serge Dedina

Mayor, Imperial Beach and Executive Director, WILDCOAST

Debina Symposium

Dr. Serge Dedina is the Mayor of Imperial Beach and the Executive Director of WILDCOAST an international conservation team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. The 2016 Peter Benchley “Hero of the Seas”, Mayor Dedina is leading the effort to carry out sea level rise adaptation planning in Imperial Beach. Through WILDCOAST, Dedina is helping to lead the effort to manage the state’s system of marine protected areas. WILDCOAST is also carrying out an ambitious climate change adaptation and mitigation program in Mexico in partnership with the Mexican National Protected Area Commission involving creating conservation concessions for mangroves and carrying out climate adaptation plans for millions of acres of some of the world’s largest and most ecologically significant coastal protected areas. This project also involves a campaign to protect mangroves in Mexico with rock super group Linkin Park that has received wide media coverage in Mexico. Dedina is the author of Saving the Gray Whale, Wild Sea and Surfing the Border. He serves as the chair of the SANDAG Shoreline Preservation Committee and received his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. in Political Science from UCSD.