Dr. Peter Herlihy

Professor, Geography and Atmospheric Science University of Kansas

Peter Herlihy Symposium

Dr. Herlihy’s research is on tropical rain forest peoples in Latin America, especially Central America and Mexico, with extended field research in the Huasteca, Sierra Juarez, La Mosquitia, Darién and Loreto. His long-standing focus is on how state and transnational institutions impact indigenous resource use and land rights. His scholarship uses cultural and political ecology with participatory research mapping methodologies for nature conservation and indigenous land rights, and situating indigenous peoples within a globalizing Latin America. Dr. Herlihy is interested in state establishment and management of conservation areas and ethnic homeland districts for native peoples, mestizos, and Afro-descendants in Central America, most recently working with the Honduran and German governments establishing the Río Plátano Biosphere (are-definition), the Tawahka Asangni Reserve, and the Patuca National Park in the Mosquitia Protected Areas Corridor, part of the largest area of protected rain forest in Central America today.

Since 2005, Dr. Herlihy has led an international project and Bowman Expedition, called México Indígena (MI), the prototype for the American Geographical Society and US Foreign Military Studies Office concept for “Global Place-based GIS Research..”