Dr. Lisa Benton-Short

Associate Professor and Chair of Geography

Senior Fellow, The George Washington University  Sustainability Collaborative

Lisa Benton-Short Symposium

Dr. Benton-Short is an urban geographer with an interest in the dynamics of the urban environment from many angles, including: urban sustainability, planning and public space, monuments and memorials, urban national parks, globalization, and immigration. Dr. Benton-Short has written extensively on the urban environment.  She has authored several books, including:  The Presidio: from Army Post to National Park (1998); Environmental Discourse and Practice (1999) and Environmental Discourse and Practice: a Reader (2000), Cities and Nature (2007 and second edition in 2013) and Cities of North America: contemporary challenges in US and Canadian cities (editor, 2014).  Her recent book is The National Mall: No Ordinary Public Space published in 2016 with University of Toronto Press.